JURIX 2017

The 30th international conference on Legal Knowledge and Information Systems
13-15 December 2017, Luxembourg

Accepted Papers

Full papers:

Bernhard Waltl, Johannes Muhr, Ingo Glaser, Elena Scepankova, Florian Matthes and Georg Bonczek
Classifying Legal Norms with Active Machine Learning

Henry Prakken
Argument schemes for discussing Bayesian modellings of complex criminal cases

Latifa Al-Abdulkarim, Katie Atkinson, Trevor Bench-Capon, Stuart Whittle, Rob Williams and Catriona Wolfenden
Noise Induced Hearing Loss: An Application Of the Angelic Methodology

Fabien Gandon, Guido Governatori and Serena Villata
Normative Requirements as Linked Data

Yannis Panagis, Urska Sadl and Fabien Tarissan
Giving every case its (legal) due

Isar Nejadgholi, Renaud Bougueng and Samuel Witherspoon
A Semi-Supervised Training Method for Semantic Search of Legal Facts in Canadian Immigration Cases

Ilias Chalkidis and Ion Androutsopoulos
A Deep Learning Approach to Contract Element Extraction

Amarnath Gupta, Alice Wang, Kai Lin, Haoshen Hong, Haoran Sun, Benjamin Liebman, Rachel Stern, Margaret Roberts and Subhasis Dasgupta
Toward Building a Legal Knowledge-Base of Chinese Judicial Documents for Large-Scale Analytics

Luciano H. Tamargo, Diego C. Martinez, Antonino Rotolo and Guido Governatori
Temporalised Belief Revision in the Law

Mohammad Hassan Falakmasir and Kevin Ashley
Utilizing Vector Space Models for Identifying Legal Factors from Text

Marco Lippi, Przemyslaw Palka, Giuseppe Contissa, Francesca Lagioia, Hans-Wolfgang Micklitz, Yannis Panagis, Paolo Torroni and Giovanni Sartor
Automated Detection of Unfair Clauses in Online Consumer Contracts

Jaromir Savelka and Kevin D. Ashley
Detecting Agent Mentions in U.S. Court Decisions

Short papers:

Suzanne Bardelmeijer, Alexander Boer and Radboud Winkels
Cloudy with a Chance of Concepts

Trevor Bench-Capon and Katie Atkinson
Dimensions and Values in Legal Case Based Reasoning

Gordon Pace, Luis Llana and Maria Emilia Cambronero
Timed Contract Compliance Under Event Timing Uncertainty

Pedro Delfino, Bruno Cuconato, Edward Hermann Haeusler and Alexandre Rademaker
Passing the Brazilian OAB Exam: data preparation and some experiments

Dafne van Kuppevelt and Gijs van Dijck
Answering Legal Research Questions about Dutch Case Law with Network Analysis and Visualization

Adam Wyner, François Lévy and Adeline Nazarenko
On Annotation of the Textual Contents of Scottish Legal Instruments

Michał Araszkiewicz and Tomasz Zurek
Balancing with Thresholds

Kartik Asooja
Automatic Detection of Significant Updates in Regulatory Documents

Tommaso Agnoloni, Lorenzo Bacci, Ginevra Peruginelli, Marc van Opijnen, Jos van den Oever, Monica Palmirani, Luca Cervone, Octavian Bujor, Arantxa Arsuaga Lecuona, Alberto Boada García, Luigi Di Caro and Giovanni Siragusa
Linking European Case Law: BO-ECLI Parser, an open framework for the extraction of legal links

Giovanni Sileno, Antoine Saillenfest and Jean-Louis Dessalles
A computational model of moral and legal responsibility via simplicity theory

Jakub Harašta and Jaromír Šavelka
Linking Heterogenous References in Czech Court Decisions to Their Content

Rohan Nanda, Giovanni Siragusa, Luigi Di Caro, Martin Theobald, Guido Boella, Livio Robaldo and Francesco Costamagna
Concept Recognition in European and National Law

Biralatei Fawei, Adam Wyner, Jeff Pan and Martin Kollingbaum
Using Legal Ontologies with Rules for Legal Textual Entailment

Jean-Rémi Bourguet and Melissa Zorzanelli Costa
Scoring Judicial Syllabi in Portuguese